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enjoy M-GO from your Roku


Find M-GO on your Roku player

M-GO is built right into your Roku player so it’s easy to buy or rent movies and TV shows. Plus, for your convenience, all M-GO transactions are handled through your Roku account. To get started, just select “Movies” or “TV Shows” from your main menu.


Create an M-GO account on your Roku device

How do I create an M-GO account on my Roku device?
You can create an M-GO account right from your Roku player. You’ll be prompted to create an account when you rent, buy or add a title to your M-GO Watchlist.

Simply select “confirm account creation”, and an M-GO account will be created for you.

When you create your M-GO account, please use a valid email address, as we’ll send you a welcome mail with additional details about your account, including an M-GO password that you will need to use to log into M-GO on other devices.

For more details, see Creating and Managing Your M-GO Account in our Roku FAQs.


Find movies or TV shows

To find a great movie to watch, from the main Roku menu, just select “Movies.”

To find a TV show, from the main menu, select “TV Shows.”


Buy or rent something to watch

Once you’ve found something to watch, highlight the title and click OK. Then select the option (such as “Rent HD”) that’s right for you, and click OK on your remote control. Confirm your purchase and you’ll be all set.

Any M-GO rentals or purchases made using your Roku player will be charged to your Roku account. When confirming your purchase you may need to enter your 4-digit Roku PIN (if you have setup your Roku account in this manner).

Note: You can access M-GO content rented or purchased on Roku on other M-GO supported devices as long as you are signed in to the same M-GO account.


Play a video

Watching movies and TV shows is what M-GO is all about!

Play a Movie from Your Movies Library
You’ll find all your active rentals and purchases in “Your Movie Library” -- the rentals are listed first; scroll down, if need be, to get to your purchases. Within each section, your transactions are listed by the time of your last transaction, with the most recent at the top.

Just highlight a movie and click OK on your remote, and the select “Play Movie” and click OK on your remote.

Play a TV Show from Your TV Shows Library
You’ll find all your purchased TV Shows in “Your TV Shows Library”. The most recent transactions are at the top.

You’ll only see one image for each TV Show; to find the episode you want to watch, after you’ve highlighted a show, select the season (if more than one is available) and then select the episode and click OK on your remote.

For more details, see Watching Movies and TV Shows on M-GO in our Roku FAQs.


Have a question? See our Roku FAQs.