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enjoy M-GO from your Samsung Smart TVs

For the best possible M-GO experience, read the following guidelines:


M-GO on Samsung Smart TVs

Using M-GO on a supported 2012 or 2013 Samsung Smart TV with Smart Hub is easy.   


Getting Started with the M-GO App

The easiest way to determine if your Samsung Smart TV is supported is to click the "Smart Hub button" in the center of your remote control to open Smart Hub on your TV; there you can search for "M-GO" or look for us in "Samsung Apps" under the "Videos" category.

If M-GO isn't available yet on your Smart TV, stay tuned, and check back again soon; Samsung's Smart Hub is automatically updated to ensure you have all the latest apps, including M-GO. 

You are always welcome to contact Customer Support with any questions; someone is always there to help.

In the sections below you'll find a few things to help you get going, so keep reading....


Create Your Account

You can browse M-GO movies and TV shows without registering, but you need to create an account to purchase or to rent.

To create your account:

  1. Go to the M-GO home page.
  2. Click sign up.
  3. Enter your email address.
  4. Create a password.  
  5. Agree to the terms of service.
  6. Click submit.

For more details, see Account.


Find Stuff You Want to Watch

On the M-GO home page, you can browse for content on the movies card or TV shows card or click the search icon to find Good Stuff. For more details, see Content.


Get Your First Movie or TV Show!

You need to add an active credit card to your M-GO account before you can rent or purchase. Click the rent or buy button for the desired title; after you've successfully entered your credit card info, continue through the purchase or rental flow and soon you'll be all set.

Note: only the Admin of the account can add or edit credit card information.  For more information, please visit Purchases.

To enter your credit card information:

  1. Click account at the top of the screen and choose settings.
  2. Select my info and choose credit card.
  3. Enter all your credit card information, like name, credit card number, ZIP, etc. and click done.


Watching movies and TV shows is what M-GO is all about!

After buying or renting a movie or TV show, you have the option to watch now or browse more. If you choose watch now, M-GO launches your media player and your video starts playing. If you choose to browse more, the title is added to "your library" and you can continue browsing M-GO for more great videos.

Your purchases and active rentals are available in "your library," which is a card on the home page. You can view the titles in "your library" by movies, TV shows, UltraViolet™ titles, or the most recent purchase