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welcome to the M-GO experience

Congratulations on selecting M-GO for your online entertainment needs! Here, you'll find thousands of high-quality movies and TV shows to enjoy.

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Supported Devices and Getting Started

Before going further, make sure your Device supports M-GO and meets the system requirements below. If you have several devices that our service supports, don't worry, we can get you up and running on them! Select your M-GO experience from the list to get started!

And if you don't yet see your device supported, check back; we're adding support for more all the time.


Internet Bandwidth Recommendations

Video playback, the geeks tell us, is a "data intensive activity;" to help you enjoy M-GO, we offer the following recommendations for a smooth playback experience:

  • For standard definition (SD) content, a downstream bandwidth of at least 1 Mbps.
  • For high definition (HD) content, a downstream bandwidth of at least 3 Mbps.

To check your bandwidth, you can use a service such as Bandwidth Place ( or Speedtest (


HD Video Playback

Currently, our content partners restrict HD playback to certain devices. Below is M-GO's current list of devices with HD playback. Click the device to learn more about getting started with M-GO.

And check back because this list will continue to grow!