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What is M-GO?
M-GO is the people-friendliest way to get your favorite movies and TV shows at the touch of a button. M-GO helps you find, rent, buy and enjoy digital entertainment on the devices you already have and love. Our E.A.P. (Easy as Pie™) interface makes it easier and simpler for every entertainment lover to get and watch the newest releases, as well as to select titles from our extensive back catalog of movies and TV shows.
Why do I need Google's Widevine?
Content owners such as movie and TV studios require M-GO to deliver content securely. This security helps prevents illegal usage and piracy. When you install Google's Widevine, your device becomes compliant with these security requirements, and you can then watch content from M-GO. Other digital video providers have similar security requirements. You only need to install Widevine once for each type of browser (e.g., Internet Explorer) you’ll use with M-GO.
Why can't I install Google's Widevine?
To download Google's Widevine, you need internet access and be able to access Widevine's download site. If you can't access the download page, please contact your network administrator or try again in a few minutes in case there's some glitch in the Internet.
If you get an error during the Widevine installation for on a PC, please restart your device. The Widevine plugin may have been installed despite the appearance of the error message. For more details, see Watching - Widevine.
If you're using Safari, note that after you download the Widevine plugin, you'll need to install it manually and then restart your browser.  (You may see a "Thank you for downloading Widevine ..." message but that doesn't mean you've actually installed the plug-in.)  To verify you've installed Widevine plug-in for Safari, under  Help, select Installed Plug-ins and review the list.
And if you run into problems, you can Contact Support.
What devices does M-GO support, and how many devices can I use with M-GO?
You can find out what devices are currently supported at Devices, but this list is growing all the time, so check back if you don't see your device.
Currently, you can watch an M-GO title on up to 5 registered devices per unique account.  A device can only be registered to one M-GO account.
If you have exceeded this device registration limit, you can de-register a device in order to add another, subject to certain restrictions. See “Can I de-register a device?” below.
Can I de-register a device?
Sometimes you may need to de-register a device, either because you are no longer using the device, or you have reached the supported device limit of 5 devices per unique account and wish to change the devices that are registered with M-GO.
No problem; studio policies enable M-GO to allow you to de-register and re-register a device once every 90 days, up to a maximum of 3 times per year.
To de-register the device, on most supported devices, under account, go to settings, and then in the bottom menu, select devices. Once in the list of devices, click edit. In the overlay which lets you name (or rename) the device, click de-register. In the confirmation message, click de-register.  If you're using a web browser, to get to your account settings, click the avatar on the right side of the header at the top of the page.
Note: In order to de-register a device, you must de-register it from M-GO using that specific device. If your device has been lost or stolen and you want to de-register it, or if you need any assistance, please Contact Support.
Why does my movie keep stopping and starting?
You may be experiencing "buffering."  Not fun. Here are a few tips to help prevent buffering.
Low Bandwidth
The Internet connection for your device might be a little low on bandwidth. We recommend at least 1 Mbps to enjoy streaming video in SD format. For HD movies and TV, you’ll want 3 Mbps or higher.
Shared Bandwidth
It's not uncommon to be sharing bandwidth with other people; in these cases, we recommend you ask them to stop what they're doing and watch a movie with you!
How do I know what my bandwidth is?
To check your bandwidth, you can use a service such as Bandwidth Place ( or Speedtest ( If your connection meets M-GO's recommendations and you're still having trouble, take a look at more help on Watching - Playback Troubleshooting.  Or you're always welcome to Contact Support.
How come I can't play HD on my device?
It's possible your device does not support HD playback. Currently, our content partners restrict HD playback to certain devices.  For more information on the requirements for video playback, see the page on Getting Started.
And please check our Devices page to learn more about devices we support!  Note that the list of supported devices keeps growing all the time, too.
Does M-GO support parental controls?
Parental controls have not yet been implemented for M-GO but are coming soon!
What do I do if I forgot my email address?
If you are the Admin (creator) of the M-GO account and you forgot the email address linked to your M-GO account, please Contact Support.
Admins can also update the email address (and PIN) for other profiles in the account, so if you're not the admin, you can ask your Admin to help... or you can Contact Support.
How do I reset my password?
If you forgot your password or would like to change it, click forgot your password on the login screen and follow the prompts.
How do I change my PIN?
If you are the Admin (the person who created the M-GO account), the default 4-digit PIN is 0000. To update this PIN, under account, go to settings > your info > PIN, click edit, enter the password for the account, and enter a new PIN. (If you're using a web browser, to get to your account settings, click the avatar on the right side of the header at the top of the page.)
If you are not the Admin, you can only change your own PIN; to change your PIN, under account, go to settings > your info and follow the prompts to change your PIN.
What's the difference between Admin and Basic profiles in M-GO?
Admins have the ability to create or modify additional profiles as well as to manage billing and other account options, such as monthly spending limits. For more info on enabling purchasing for a profile and monthly spending limits, please visit Purchases.
How do I add a profile to my account?
Profiles are supported on most devices and on all supported web browsers. Only an Admin may add profiles. An admin can create up to 5 additional basic profiles. To add a profile as an Admin, under account, go to settings > profiles and click add. (If you're using a web browser, to get to your account settings, click the avatar on the right side of the header at the top of the page.)
Can I create multiple Admin profiles?
No, there is only one Admin per account. The Admin, however, can create up to 5 more additional profiles. And the Admin can set purchasing abilities and monthly spending limits for each profile. For more info on monthly spending limits, please visit Purchases.
What is UltraViolet™?
UltraViolet is a new way to collect, access, and enjoy your movies and TV shows from the cloud. Many movie and technology companies also support UltraViolet. Some, but not all titles available on M-GO are UltraViolet titles; don't worry, we're doing our best to bring you even more Ultraviolet titles.
You only have to link your M-GO account to a free UltraViolet account once to start your UltraViolet experience. For more info on Ultraviolet and linking your accounts, see our help on UltraViolet.
The complete UltraViolet FAQ is available online, with more info and answers to many common questions.
Why do I need to link an M-GO account to an UltraViolet™ account when I try to purchase or rent something?
Some M-GO titles are available through UltraViolet, a new way to collect, access, and enjoy movies and TV shows from the cloud that many leading movie and technology companies support.
You must have an UltraViolet account to purchase or watch an UltraViolet title.
When you try to purchase an UltraViolet title on M-GO, if you have not already linked an UltraViolet account with M-GO, you will be prompted to link M-GO to your existing UltraViolet account or to create one. If you're using a PC, just follow the steps on the screen; it won’t take long.
For more details on linking your accounts, see our help on UltraViolet, or check out the UltraViolet FAQs.
Why can't I play some of my UltraViolet titles from my library?
If you've purchased an UltraViolet title for which we don't yet have an UltraViolet licensing deal, we'll provide you info on where to go play it out.  But know we're working to make all UltraViolet titles available directly through M-GO as soon as we can!
How do I redeem a promo code?
It's Easy as Pie™ to redeem a promo code.
You'll be prompted to enter the promo code as part of the purchase or rental process, so just buy or rent the title you like and in the purchase options (or, if you're using a web browser, the "Review Order" page) enter the promo code and click apply.  
If the promo code is valid you'll see the reduced price, and you may complete your transaction and soon be watching Something Good!
How do I download a video I purchased or rented?
Currently, you can only download a video to a supported Device that is running Windows 7.
After purchasing or renting a title, if your device supports downloading, you will have options to download the title, or to watch it now or later.
To download the video later, just go to your library, select the poster art for the content, and then in the details for that title, click download. If you are downloading a title from M-GO for the first time, you will be asked to install the M-GO Download Manager.  All downloaded titles must be accessed from M-GO's Download Manager.
To start downloading M-GO's Download Manager, your browser must allow a pop-up from our website. Note that if you're using Google's Chrome browser on Windows, pop-up windows are blocked by default; there's more info on managing pop-ups in Chrome