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Let's Talk Content!

The reason you're here is to watch TV shows and movies you love, right? Right!

In addition to helping you search, M-GO offers a vast assortment of quality movies and TV shows organized by what we like to call "content cards." Think of the cards in M-GO as a simple way to browse based on different criteria. Below you'll find more about the different kinds of cards.

Note that on web browsers, you'll have a few cards of available directly from the menus in the header -- and lots of different cards on the M-GO home page to help you discover Good Stuff to Watch! And, with a web browser, you can also create and manage your own personalized cards for the home page with our "Plus" feature; learn more on how to put the "me" back in your media experience on our blog.

The Movies Card

The movies card is all about movies. (What else?!)  

Here you can browse, watch trailers, and rent or purchase titles. Each tab on the card provides a different filter for M-GO movies. The movies card lets you filter by:

  • new releases (the most recently produced movies)
  • top 25
  • for you (based on your ratings!)
  • a specific genre

The TV Shows Card

The tv shows card lets you browse all the TV shows M-GO has to offer and to filter them by:

  • new releases
  • top 25
  • for you (based on your ratings!)
  • all genres

The Featured Card

The M-GO team showcases some of the best content available anywhere on the planet in the featured card.  And we keep updating this all the time, so keep your eye on this card!

The M-GO Picks Card

M-GO picks are hand-picked collections. Since most of our staff are computer-loving geeks, our picks can include time travel, laser guns, monsters, and explosions. Watch out!

Note if you're using a web browser, on the M-GO home page you won't see a single M-GO "Picks" Card because we have a bunch of bunch of cards with hand-picked content -- each thematically named.


The deals card is for special offers at low prices! This section changes often so be sure to check in from time to time; you never know what you may find in there!

Your Library

Your library is a virtual collection of movies and TV shows. Here, you can find all your purchases and active rentals.

With a browser, you can access the library on the right side of the header at the top of any page.

On other devices, you can access your library from the home page by scrolling to the right.



M-GO features a rating system that utilizes your media preferences to deliver the content you want.

Why am I asked to rate content?

We want you to get the content you want to watch, as easily as possible.  And Profiles (available on most supported devices, including web browsers) help make M-GO personal. (For more information about profiles within M-GO accounts, see Account.)

Everyone’s tastes are different, so ratings made from a Profile help us understand what kind of movies and TV shows you're interested in. Once you've logged in, you can click rate me throughout M-GO, and you can always rate more titles under account settings  (if you're using a web browser, click your avatar to get to settings). Remember, the more you rate, the better your M-GO experience will be!

And profiles let M-GO tailor recommendations for different people using the same account, so if you like action movies but not romance – or could it be the other way around? – M-GO can better help you find Good Stuff to watch!

Before we can give you suggestions in the for you section, we need to know what you like and don't like, so you may be asked to rate more content. You can do this under account > settings > rate titles.


Searching for Cool Stuff

M-GO's content cards are great for browsing, but when you know what YOU want to watch, M-GO's search tool helps get you there fast.

If you know what you're looking for, to open search (on most devices), just tap the magnifying glass icon. If you're using a web browser, the search bar is always present in the header.

To find content, start typing a few letters and our clever behind-the-scenes Entertainment Wingman™ will prompt you with ideas, or you can enter complete search terms on your own.

M-GO's search covers more than just the titles of movies and TV shows; you can also search for actors and directors.  And you can mix and match words in your search, so if you only remember the director and part of the title, just search with what you know!  Your search terms persist with the results, so it's easy to change your search terms and search again!

Note that on some devices (but not web browsers) our search tool initially provides results for movies; if you're looking for a TV show, in your search results, at the bottom, just click tv shows and M-GO will update the results accordingly.

Why didn't an actor or director show up when I searched?

Sometimes not all the cast information is available for a title, especially for older content.  Rest assured that we are constantly increasing the breadth of the information in our catalog.

Search by Movie

Note that (on most devices except web browsers) M-GO's search initially provides results for movies; if you're looking for a TV show, in your search results, at the bottom, just click tv shows and M-GO will update the results accordingly.

Search by TV

Switching to tv shows within search results applies your search terms to the title, cast, or directors in our catalog of TV shows.  Note that if you're using a web browser, search results contain both movies and TV shows.



As you rate or purchase content within M-GO, we find out more about your movie and TV preferences. The more you rate and interact with M-GO, the better we can serve up suggestions for other things that you may want to watch.

If you want to see what we have in mind for you, head to the for you section in the movies or tv shows cards.

Are recommendations specific to just my profile?

Recommendations are Just For You!  If you change to another profile within your account, the recommendations you'll find there will have been specially picked for that person. For more details on profiles, see Account.



Each profile has a watchlist. Think of this as a wishlist for movies and TV shows you may want to watch later.

You can make use of watchlists on all supported devices.

By the way, if you're using a web browser, you can also organize titles of interest on personalized “cards” through M-GO's "Plus" feature; learn more about "Plus" on our blog.

Why isn't a title I added to my watchlist available on M-GO?

Studios sometimes restrict the dates during which M-GO can offer certain content, so a title you had added to your watchlist may not currently be available on M-GO.

After the restricted window is over, you may be able to rent or purchase the title, so check back later.

If you use search to try to find the title, and select a result, we’ll tell you where you can watch it if it’s not available on M-GO.  See Searching for Cool Stuff above for more info on how to discover titles in M-GO.


Parental Controls

Parental controls have not yet been implemented for M-GO but are coming soon!